Archive for January, 2012

One of my user reported that the Storage space on the site is Full and they cannot upload the documents

I checked the Storage space allocation page from Site Settings page and found that 2 GB was assigned to it and 2 GB was consumed, i checked the details of each item on the same page and the total was counting up to only 1 GB.

Where is the other 1 GB ?

After some investigation i found that one of the list on the site has versioning enabled on the site and that particular item had 14,000 Versions on it.

Tried deleting the versions of the item , but it was throwing Unexpected error has occured , Deleted that item , went to Site collection recycle bin to check the space and found that , the deleted item was of 1 GB in size.

Removed it from Recycle bin and the Storage space allocation page was showing correct details.

Hope this helps