Unable to edit Wiki Pages.  Error:  Access denied

 Solution: (Only for that affected Library, New libraries will still give us access denied while editing items)

  1. Save the Wiki library as template.  
  2. Rename it to .CAB
  3. Open the Manifest.xml
  4. Search for – Name=”PermMask”  
  5. Replace the whole <Field ID> </Field> section with the below code (We have to only replace the PermMask field section)
  6. Code is available on – ( Under List Section)
  7. Once you copy and paste the code in Manifest.xmlà Save it and repackage that XML file to Cab using Makecab.exe
  8. You can find that Makecab.exe in C:\WINNT\system32 folder
  9. To repackage open command prompt and run this command –

                                     Makecab.exe e:\Manifest.xml(Source file name with location)  e:\ (Destination filename with location)

  1. This command will repackage it in to Cab , rename the file to STP , upload it in List template gallery .
  2. Create the new library using that template and you will be able to edit items.

  Now the above mentioned solution will only work for those libraries which are created using that uploaded template (repackaged). If you create a new Wiki library you will still get an access denied error.

 FYI– To resolve this issue at the site level we will have to run the object model available at –